Thursday, December 23, 2010

Give Away From The 7th

contest from The 7th Muffins

Follow these simple rules :

1) Like us on The 7th Facebook & be our follower :) DONE!!

2) Write in your very creative way in your blog : DONE!!

Saya inginkan muffin The 7th kerana sekali sekala dapat makan muffin cap f.0.c ni best jugak boleh mengisi perut yang tengah kempunan akan muffin sambil dapat berkenal2 dengan tuan punya belog. =)

3) Don't forget to insert the above banner in your post / sidebar. DONE!!

4) Link back your post at our comment box below / facebook wall. DONE!!

1 comment:

The 7th said...

thanks for joining, keep going on promoting as the prize might increase if the no of contestant increase.

happy muffins all!

With Love,
-The 7th-


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